Denton Fire Department’s “optimization” study

At the end of today’s story on a possible bond election to rehab three of the city’s fire stations, I reported that the city council’s tour of the stations yesterday came as the council was also presented with a report on the fire department’s facilities.

Here is a copy of that report. FD Facilities Optimization Study

The department conducted the study to supplement its strategic plan, which seeks to provide a 4-minute response to large swaths of the city. Even though the oldest stations need to be replaced (at Station 3, If the truck bounces too much on the way out for a call, it hits the top of the door frame), they are in good locations, the study found.

The study also proposes two new stations, one on the west side and one on the southeast side, in the coming years. And it also reminds the reader that other fire departments, comparable in size to Denton’s, have dedicated training facilities and Denton does not.

The city tabled a proposal to build the training facilities around Station 7 six years ago and has yet to take up the matter again.

The training compound would include a taller burn tower (firefighters reminded the council that new apartment buildings are going to five stories), a swift water training stream and pond, and other facilities.


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