Thin Line Film Fest: A film that needs no words


Sometimes, a short documentary can be a revelation.

Still, the story of Carlos Eyles, sweeps away all the crunchy, hippy-dippy caricature of environmental activism in just the opening sequence of the film, a poem of color, elegant movement and crystalline light.

As soon as Still opens, we are underwater at a Hawaiian reef with Eyles, an author, free diver and ocean photographer. At over 60 years old, Eyles is a trim, athletic figure moving around the reef.

The short film includes maybe three paragraphs of narration by Eyles. The real story of wonder, beauty and transcendence is in the images of the man moving through the water, all dancer-like, touching a passing sea turtle, petting bottle nose dolphins and tracking big stingrays as they venture by.

Still is an apt sermon about creation, and how it doesn’t need shifty human intervention, yet is bruised over and over again by our blundering and ever-widening civilization.

11 minutes.

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