Thin Line Film Fest: ‘Undocumented Dreams’ a straightforward affair


University of North Texas graduate student Sara Massetti kept everything straightforward in Undocumented Dreams, a short documentary about a young college graduate, Loren, stranded by his immigration status.

Massetti follows Loren, who came to the states with his mother when he was 11, has graduated with a degree in engineering and hopes to get a doctorate and work in earthquake engineering. We watch him as he teaches other students in leadership training and as he teaches free seminars for immigrants, educating them about how to interact with immigration officials. “Don’t sign anything,” he instructs. “Stay quiet and ask for a lawyer. As a human being, you have a right to legal counsel.”

Massetti steers clear of the immigration debate, instead focusing on “dreamers,” the term for immigrants (especially Latin American immigrants) who came to America as children and now strive for legal status – through marriage naturalization, through the delayed visa process.

Massetti’s story isn’t incendiary. It’s a sketch of one life among millions that identifies as an American and craves to contribute to America as a recognized, legitimate citizen.

15 minutes.



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