Prepare for big weather

We double-checked on national news reports putting North Texas on notice for tornadoes tomorrow night, and forecasters at the National Weather Service wouldn’t rule out a twister, but say the biggest threat for Tuesday night is actually hail and high winds.

Anyone who has seen images of the injured from the 1995 storm that snuck up on Fort Worth’s Mayfest knows you want to be prepared, at least not being caught outside. I haven’t forgotten what Argyle resident Tammie Nouci shared with us when the hail hit her home during that catastrophic storm in June 2011. It broke the family’s windows upstairs and wind blew hail inside the house.

I found some good tips for preparing for a hailstorm State Farm Insurance.

Move Inside, Stay Inside

Hailstones vary greatly in size, but even small ones – driven by gravity and strong winds – pose a danger to anything or anyone caught in a storm. As a storm approaches, put vehicles in the garage and bring pets inside. If you are outdoors, go indoors immediately.

Once you’re indoors, close all drapes, blinds, or shades to prevent broken window glass and hailstones from entering your home. If possible, move to a basement, cellar, or other level of the building not directly below the roof. Stay indoors until the storm has passed.

If you’re on the road during a hailstorm, stay in your vehicle and slow down or stop, as roads may become slippery. Once you have pulled over safely, turn your back to windows or cover yourself with a blanket to protect yourself from broken glass.

Given the timing of tomorrow’s storms, many people will likely be at home when it hits, but it may be a good idea to throw a heavy blanket in the back seat of the car — not only if you think you might be driving home late Tuesday but if you are driving in early Wednesday.

Wanna see those tornado stats hinted at the USA Today story? They’re here.

Full story in tomorrow’s newspaper.

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