DME rate change coming in July

A city press release today announced an increase in electricity rates due to a rise in wholesale rates. The change is expected to increase a monthly electric bill by $4 per 1,000  kilowatt-hours used.

According to the latest data from the US Energy Information Administration,  the average Texas home uses 1,130 kwh per month, with the average Texan paying about $147.32 monthly for electricity.

The city’s electric utility, Denton Municipal Electric, and its governing body, the Public Utilities Board, review both the Energy Cost Adjustment (ECA) and the Renewable Energy Cost Adjustment (RCA) rate quarterly. The ECA will increase from $0.034 per kwh to $0.038 per kwh and the RCA $0.037 per kwh to $0.041 per kwh.

The increase is expected to go into effect July 1.

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