Soil testing report on April 19 blowout

With EagleRidge in the headlines again, I took a minute to follow-up with the Texas Railroad Commission and the final report on the April 19 blow-out that the commission staff said would be released sometime in September.

Commission spokeswoman Ramona Nye said that when the final soil samples came back clean, the commission decided to take no additional action against EagleRidge. The report is below.

A local environmental firm, KJ Environmental, took the soil samples as crews cleaned up the area around the well head. At the time clean-up began, a commission inspector noted that the damaged area was to the southeast of the wellhead, and included damage to tree foliage and native grasses.

“Can see salt crystals on foliage,” the inspector wrote.

Similar problems with chlorides showed up in soil samples near the wellhead. Sampling for BTEX chemicals did not show levels of concern. But the salt-soaked soil still had to be hauled away and replaced.

Here’s the report: 2696_001 (1)

If you want to know more about the long-term scars to the land from salt damage, here’s a short video about the Texon Scar.


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