Classes resume smoothly Wednesday at some area schools

Administrators with area districts and private schools that resumed classes today said attendance was good, and in some cases, better than expected.

Since Dec. 6, several schools across the region have been closed due to inclement weather that blanketed North Texas, Dec. 5.

“The students seemed eager to get back to school, and several parents seemed grateful for the children to be back to their routine,” Elaine Schad, principal at Immaculate Conception Catholic School wrote in an email Wednesday. “Attendance was close to normal.  There were a few families in outlying rural areas who were unable to navigate the roadways so they notified the school and stayed home.”

The school reopened at 10 a.m. and maintenance crews were out continuing to clear ice from the school parking lot throughout the day, Schad wrote. The school also “arranged alternate arrival and dismissal routes for optimum safety,” she said.

Denton Calvary Academy opened from noon to 3 p.m. for final exams and attendance was “great,” according to Principal Stacey Baxter. Finals will continue Thursday and Friday and students will start Christmas break Friday after finals.

Michelle Simms, marketing and communications director for Liberty Christian School in Argyle, say school officials expected attendance would be low today “but were surprised by a relatively normal, even high, attendance day.”

“The exception was preschool where we had nine absent. I imagine those parents were a bit more cautious, and understandably so,” Simms wrote in an email.

Others returning to school today included the Lake Dallas school district and Winfree Academy Charter School. All Texas Education Centers campuses, with the exception of the schools in Denton and Aubrey, also returned to classes Wednesday. Students in Little Elm and Lewisville school districts returned to school Tuesday.

Baxter said the days school was closed will have minimal impact on the remainder of the year as students have continued school work at home while out of school.

Simms said she anticipates days school was closed for inclement weather will have some impact on middle and upper school semester finals.

Jamie Wilson, superintendent for the Denton school district, wrote in an email that district high schools are modifying upcoming final exam schedule, which begins next week.

Cody Carroll, superintendent for the Krum school district, wrote in an email that dual credit students will make up final exams and preparation for semester exams is being modified.

Administrators with the Argyle, Denton, Krum and Pilot Point school districts say will discuss with their respective school boards requesting waivers from the Texas Education Agency for any inclement weather days over the two they took.

Schad said Immaculate Conception will assess additional make up days after the first of the year.

Private schools are not required by the state to make up school days because as a result of weather as public schools are. Officials with the TEA said public school districts and charter schools first must use designated weather days before requesting a waiving to avoid making up additional days because of inclement weather.

Curious of when area students will make up the days missed for inclement weather?  Here’s a list we’ve compiled based on area school calendars:

Argyle ISD- Feb. 17 and April 21

Aubrey ISD- April 18 and June 2

Denton ISD- April 18 and May 23

Krum ISD- April 18 and May 23

Lake Dallas ISD- April 17 and June 12

Little Elm ISD- May 23 and June 6

Northwest ISD- Feb. 17 and April 18

Pilot Point ISD- May 16 and May 23

Ponder ISD-April 18 and May 23

Sanger ISD- April 18 and May 23

Immaculate Conception Catholic School- May 29 and 30

Winfree Academy Charter School (Denton) – Feb. 17 and April 18

Selwyn College Preparatory Schools- April 18, April 21 and May 26

Texas Education Centers- April 18 and May 23



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