Keeping the door open for #Sriracha2Denton

In late October, Council member Kevin Roden seized an opportunity to get the city some national attention when Huy Fong Foods, the maker of Sriracha hot chili sauce, got in legal trouble in California with its emissions.

At first he penned an open letter on his blog,, and got a bit of a campaign going on Twitter. The story became regional curiosity and was picked up by a number of outlets, including bloggers at the Dallas Observer and our sister paper, The Dallas Morning News, which triggered interest by national media. A story in the Los Angeles Times recounted some of the company’s legal troubles as well as the re-location pitch coming from Texas.

Before the holidays, Roden sent a letter  to the company repeating much of the same information about Denton and what it had to offer, but in a formal way. The company responded about a week later with a courteous, but noncommittal reply.

Recent interest by a few state legislators has kept the odd courtship in the news. Roden said this afternoon that he’s keeping the door open. There has been talk at the state level about sending a delegation to make a formal pitch, Roden said, and he’s willing to be a part of that, if it happens.

“The state has more resources to pursue that,” Roden said, adding, “I’ll keeping playing this for as long as it goes.”


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