Stobaugh still in custody

We reported this morning that a bond hearing has been set for Charles Stobaugh. The Second Court of Appeals, when it overturned his murder conviction, agreed he could be released on $25,000 bond. But the conditions of that bond are to be set by the district court.

You can read more about that here: 3151_001

It remains unclear when he will be released from custody. Prisoners are often transferred to the Huntsville Unit, where Texas Department of Criminal Justice operates its release center for male prisoners and is able to put into motion certain supervisory measures, such as electronic monitoring, if they are ordered by the court. But it’s also possible he will be transferred to the Denton County jail, where he would remain in custody until the bond hearing, which is more than two weeks away.

We’re hoping to confirm soon with Stobaugh’s appellate attorney, Regan Wynn, what the next few weeks will bring.

Documents related to the case are available on the website of the Second Court of Appeals. (Search on “Released Orders/Opinions”). The 176-page opinion releasing him is too large to attach to this blog post, but we’ll see whether we can get it attached to the final write-through of today’s story.

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