Ad hoc committee taking shape

Council members Greg Johnson, Kevin Roden and John Ryan all expressed an interest in working on an ad hoc committee that would take a fresh look at the city’s nearly 35-year-old ordinance on historic preservation.

The council discussed whether to form the committee during a workshop session over lunch today in the training room of the city’s facilities building.

Mayor Chris Watts sought reassurance that the council’s intent in visiting the issue was not to undermine the Historic Landmark Commission. He was not on City Council when many issues emerged with the commission and the prospect of an ad hoc committee was raised (see stories here and here and here and here and here), but he was on council when the body moved to disband its airport board. Past councils had earned a reputation of interfering with the work of its boards and commissions, he said.

Council member Kevin Roden said he believed a council committee could help the commission better get about its business of historic preservation by addressing issues in the old ordinance.

The council is reviewing a draft resolution that it expects to consider on a consent agenda next month. Then, the council and commission will gather in a joint meeting in September or October to set an agenda for the council committee.


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