Frack ban opposition files campaign paperwork

Bobby Jones was one of two people who said they represented Denton Taxpayers for a Strong Economy when they delivered the plebiscite petition opposing a proposed ban on hydraulic fracturing in the city limits.

He filed paperwork with the Denton city secretary last week appointing himself as the treasurer for the group.

Taxpayers SPC Filing

A quick look at property tax records shows that the Jones Family Trust is listed as part owner of five wells on the west side of town, all currently operated by EagleRidge. They are the Jones-Nelson Unit, the Mason Unit, the Jones-Sorrells Unit, and Mayday-Lattimore 1H and 2H.

UPDATE: Here are copies of documents on file with the Texas Railroad Commission which show who else pooled on those units with the Jones family.

0165_001 (Mayday-Mason Units)

0164_001 (Mayday-Lattimore Units)

Denton Taxpayers for a Strong Economy list their official purpose as to “oppose the drilling ban proposition.”

Just to be clear, the proposition doesn’t ban drilling, but hydraulic fracturing. When the City Council approved the proposition for the ballot, they added language beyond what the initiative petition had proposed, one that appears to further the distinction between drilling and fracking.

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