Campaign finance forms

I’m working on a story about the information in these reports for one of the weekend papers. But here are all the campaign finance forms filed so far.

Because I loaded them in DocumentCloud, they are somewhat searchable. This application, developed with journalists in mind, makes images “readable.” But it’s not a miracle worker. Hand-written information can be a problem.

I look forward to hearing how all our clever readers put the search tool to work.

I checked the Texas Ethics Commission website a few minutes ago for the report from the local PAC, Citizens for Local Governance, but no report appears there yet.

UPDATE MONDAY MORNING: The report function worked on the state’s website this morning. Here is the full report.
CLG PAC CampFinance Report

TREPAC, the political action committee of the Texas Association of Realtors, has donated $4,000 to Greg Johnson’s re-election bid. Another $3,000 was contributed to Joey Hawkins in opposition of his recall. (Hawkins disclosed this on his Facebook page, not on campaign finance forms).

It’s important to note that Sam Ortiz pledged not to raise or spend more than $500, so he is exempt from filing the paperwork. So is Mayor Chris Watts (even though he’s spending money to recall-proof his re-election) because he is officially unopposed.

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